How SecurePay Works

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Submit a Request Form

To request a SecurePay account, please submit a request form.

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Create Payment Collection Forms

Our team will assess your needs and help you create a payment collection form.

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Collect Payments

Share the link to your new form and start collecting payments. It's that easy!

Benefits of Columbia Secure Pay

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Payments are automatically applied to your chart string

No need to transfer funds or pay expensive third-party fees. Every payment gets automatically directed to one or multiple chart strings you specify. 

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Share and embed forms on the web

Your new forms can easily be added to your website or blog. Columbia Sites and the University Events Calendar have end-to-end integrations.

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Gather metrics and create robust reports

Easily view, export and analyze reports on how each of your forms performed, how much you still need to achieve your goal, and get customized notifications for what you want to track. 


Payments are secured end-to-end 

All payments are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, and our Data Protection and Application Security team maintains information within the secure Columbia digital ecosystem.